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Why edge ovens?

touch screen control

The G2 touch screen controller is crafted for user-friendliness and long-lasting performance. It simplifies daily oven operations while keeping a detailed record of oven activities, providing valuable data in case fault diagnosis is needed.

G2 Controller

usb data transfer

Easily update, download, and transfer data from your oven. For issue resolution, the process is straightforward: just download and transfer your oven log file to our team, and we'll take it from there.


offsite fault diagnostics

Say goodbye to waiting for a technician to arrive to diagnose an oven issue. Just download the oven log file via the USB data port and send it to our experienced technical team for analysis. We typically resolve oven issues and dispatch necessary parts in under 24 hours.

EDGE Ovens Customer Support

unrivalled bake quality

Our uncomplicated finger panel system and interchangeable inserts, offers an extensive array of baking options, allowing you to fine-tune your baking profile to perfection. Ensuring flawless and consistent pizzas.

Pizza Baking with Finger Panels Showing

super quiet operation

Every EDGE oven features a direct drive main blower fan, ensuring a quieter operation. This guarantees a comfortable working environment for you and your staff, enabling clear communication and allowing you to hear the phones and each other.

Quiet Operation

energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Proven as the most energy-efficient pizza conveyor ovens on the market, EDGE not only bake the best pizzas you've ever cooked but also save you money in the process. Explore potential savings and potential rebates available by visiting California Energy Wise.

simple to maintain

All EDGE ovens, regardless of the model, are constructed using high-quality components meticulously selected and tested for long-lasting performance and reliability. The 180° hinged access door further facilitates uncomplicated entry to the component cabinet, streamlining part replacements and maintenance.

Oven Maintenance

heavy duty Construction

EDGE Ovens are fully welded where it matters. This extra reinforcement, applied to corners, end panels, belt frames and internal structures, guarantees that our ovens outlast the competition by a significant margin, delivering extended service life and preventing any heat related warping.

Heavy Duty Twin Chanelled Belt Frame

high heat retention

Experience the unbeatable combination of our comprehensive oven insulation and advanced 'end loss' technology. This dynamic duo dramatically reduces heat and exhaust escape, resulting in significant energy savings while ensuring your store remains pleasantly cool and inexpensive to condition.

Pizza Exiting Oven

Back in 2007, we often heard this question when we started manufacturing our industry-leading pizza conveyor ovens. Now, 16 years down the road, we pose a different question: "Why consider anything else?" Our reputation for excellence and unwavering customer support speaks volumes, as does our consistent progress over the past decade and a half. We've garnered the trust of global pizza chains, local restaurants, and independent pizzerias, a testament to our ovens' ability to deliver superb results. Our leading ovens not only bake the finest pizzas you've ever tasted, but they do so with quiet efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency. And if you encounter an oven issue, our cutting-EDGE technology ensures swift resolution, often without the need for a technician visit, minimizing downtime and expenses.

why edge ovens?

edge designed hood system

Our ETL approved, close capture low CFM hood system outperforms all others. Up to 40% more efficient than our competitors' systems and up to 75% better than traditional canopy hoods. By integrating the EDGE close capture hood system with our market-leading ovens, you can be assured of the most cost-effective solution available.

EDGRE Hood System

market leading warranty

Experience the industry's most comprehensive warranty when you choose us. We stand behind our products with unwavering confidence. Rest easy knowing that every single part is backed by our guarantee, and labor costs are fully covered (US only), offering you peace of mind and a level of assurance that sets us apart from the competition.

5 Years Warranty

oven size for every kitchen

Here at EDGE, we prioritize our customers' output needs. Offering nine diverse conveyor oven sizes in both gas and electric options, as well as single, double, or triple configurations, we're confident that our ovens will suit kitchens of all sizes and deliver the output necessary to meet your present and future demands.

Pizza Exiting EDGE Oven
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