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bake chamber

wide belt


Much like our other 24" wide belt ovens, the EDGE-2460S, is the ideal model for narrow kitchens and trailer environments. The 60" long bake chamber offers an impressive output especially when cooking 12" pizzas side-by-side.


EDGE-2460S-2 Double Stack Oven

5 Years Parts & Labor

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Propane & Electric

Conveyor Width

24" (610mm)

Chamber Length

59.5 (1511mm)

G2 Controller

EDGE have a created a user-friendly control system, designed to  simplify day-to-day tasks & provide unrivalled fault diagnostics.

Reversible Belt

Simply select conveyor direction on the innovative G2 controller & you're done. No belt removal required!

USB Data Transfer

Download your oven's logfile and email to our team, let us tell you the problem before a technician steps foot into your store.

High Heat Retention

Our ovens are heavily insulated throughout saving you energy and also keeping your store cool!

Robust Touch Screen

Designed to be simple to navigate. Easily adjust bake time, temperature and belt direction with just a few taps of the screen.

Reduced End Loss

The EDGE ovens range recirculates a much higher percentage of the air in the oven chamber, retaining heat and reducing oven end loss.

Quiet Operation

All EDGE ovens are powered by a direct drive main blower fan, making them quietest oven available.

Protective Coolwall

The stainless steel coolwall protects your staff form the hot oven front by providing an additional protective surface and a fixed air gap.

Stackable up to 3 high

All our ovens can be stocked up to three decks high, offering further output expansion in the future, giving your business room to grow.

Proven Energy Efficiency

EDGE intelligent forced air gas burner precisely controls gas usage and adjusts according to the demands placed on the oven. Visit California Energy Wise to see how much you can save

key features

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