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EDGE Ovens Hood System

extra-low cfm close capture exhaust hood

Dramatically Lower Exhaust Rates

The innovative EDGE close capture hood necessitates fewer CFMs to effectively capture, contain, and extract grease-laden vapors, surpassing rival conveyor oven manufacturers’ hood systems by up to 40% in efficiency. 

Cooler Kitchen Environment

By optimizing the capture process, we have significantly reduced the heat and thermal impact on the surrounding environment, leading to improved HVAC efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Not only will this result in a more comfortable working environment for your staff, but it will also contribute to a cleaner and healthier kitchen. 

Automated Fan Speed Adjustment

Why waste money on excessive exhaust when you can have an extraction hood that adjusts to your needs? Our innovative hood system features an optional automatic fan speed adjustment, ensuring that the CFM rate is optimized based on the number of ovens in use. Not only that, but it also dynamically adjusts the make-up air CFM rate accordingly.

market-leading energy efficiency

Lower Make-Up Air Requirement & Costs

The annual cost of heating or cooling one CFM of Make Up Air (MUA) is estimated to range from $1 - $3. Our market-leading CFM reductions can save you thousands of dollars annually compared to traditional hood models.

Experience the benefits of our efficient hood system firsthand. With our innovative design, you’ll witness a significant reduction in required CFMs without compromising on performance.

The low CFM demands directly translate into reduced energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings on your utility bills. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency, but you will also be taking a step towards sustainability and reducing your environmental impact. 

EDGE Low CFM Close Capture Hood

market leading energy efficency

EDGE Hood & Skirt System Side View
Simple to Clean

Complexity often poses a significant challenge when it comes to maintaining effective cleaning practices. However, EDGE addresses this issue with its ingenious 'tab & slot' assembly, which allows for easy disassembly of the skirting system into manageable pieces for transfer. Additionally, all components of the skirting system are designed to be washable in a standard sink, further streamlining the cleaning process.

simple, sleek & easy to install

'Tab & Slot' Assembly

Gone are the days of complex and time-consuming disassembly processes. Our innovative ‘tab and slot’ assembly ensures that the hood and belt skirts can be effortlessly removed and reassembled as needed. No need to struggle with heavy or large components - our streamlined design allows for easy handling and hassle-free maintenance. 

Simplicity is at the heart of the EDGE Close Capture Hood. With its sleek and minimalist design, it effortlessly integrates into any space, adding a touch of elegance while keeping the focus on what truly matters: capturing and eliminating airborne particles.

Gone are the days of clunky and complicated hoods that detract from the overall aesthetic. The EDGE Close Capture Hood boasts a streamlined profile that enhances the visual appeal of any environment. 

Simple to Install

Experience unparalleled simplicity when installing and assembling the EDGE hood system. The combination with Captive Aire’s weldless ducting system makes the process even more effortless. Just position and hang your EDGE hood, then connect the weldless ducting system using the straightforward seal and clamp connection method. Enjoy a hassle-free, cost-effective setup like never before. 

EDGE Hood & Skirt System Side View
Unimpeded Belt Visibility & Access

What sets our skirt design apart is its ability to strike the perfect balance between containment and functionality. While effectively capturing the oven exhaust, it maintains a clear line of sight for operators, allowing them to effortlessly view and tend to the oven belt. Loading and unloading processes remain unimpeded, optimizing productivity and minimizing operational disruptions. 

Simple Tab & Slot Assembly

frequently asked questions

Does the hood rest on top of the oven? Is the oven attached to the hood?

The EDGE hood does NOT rest on top of the oven. Similar to traditional canopy hoods, the EDGE hood is suspended from the ceiling joists at a specific height using 1/2” All-thread, which is supported by Unistrut slotted channel. The hood and oven are NOT attached intentionally, allowing for maneuverability of the oven from beneath the hood. This design ensures convenient access and ease of maintenance without requiring complicated disassembly. 

Why do I need the belt skirting? Can I use the hood without them?

The innovative belt skirting works in sync with the EDGE close capture hood and must be used to achieve the remarkably low approved CFM rates. To achieve these market-leading rates the hood capture area has been significantly reduced, covering only the belt entrance and exit areas of the oven.

In a stacked conveyor oven configuration, the exhaust from the lowest oven has to travel further to reach the hood’s extraction filters. Without the skirting, it is challenging to control the exhaust from the lower ovens without drastically increasing extraction rates. This would contradict the concept of a low CFM hood, which is why the skirting is crucial for maintaining the intended functionality and efficiency of the hood system. 

Why should I choose the EDGE Close Capture Hood over a traditional canopy hood?

Superior Capture Efficiency - The EDGE close capture hood is meticulously engineered to optimize capture efficiency by containing and extracting oven emissions directly at the oven mouth. Its strategic design and innovative skirting system, ensures almost complete exhaust capture, preventing the dispersion of emissions and heat into your kitchen area. This remarkable capture efficiency is accomplished while operating at up to 30% of the extraction rates typically seen in traditional canopy hoods. 

Dramatically Reduced Operating Airflow Rates - With the EDGE close capture hood, you benefit from considerably lower extraction rates. This not only conserves energy but also minimizes the requirements of your make-up air (MUA) and HVAC systems. 


Cost Savings  -The combination of lower operating airflow rates, reduced MUA and HVAC requirements translates to significant cost savings over time. Enjoy improved efficiency while reducing utility costs. 

Compliance and Safety -The EDGE close capture hood is designed to meet or exceed industry regulations and safety standards. By choosing our advanced hood system, you can ensure compliance with ventilation guidelines and create a safer working environment for your staff. 

market leading exhaust flow rates

Our market-leading, ETL approved, exhaust rates set the industry standard and surpass all other available conveyor oven hood systems. They are up to 40% more efficient than our competitors' hood systems and up to 75% more efficient than traditional canopy hoods. By integrating our EDGE close capture hood system with our market-leading conveyor ovens, you can be assured of the most cost-effective solution available. This combination not only reduces utility bills for the oven and hood but also leads to significant savings in HVAC and MUA requirements as well as electrical usage.


















































minimum CFM


(linear ft)

Simple to Use

With just one switch, you can revolutionize your kitchen’s ventilation experience. Say goodbye to complex controls and manual adjustments - simply turn it on, set your exhaust fan speeds and let our cutting-edge hood system take control. 

Centralized Power Source

Connect your ovens directly to the hood control system! Our centralized solution works perfectly for center island canopy configurations, offering a dedicated and interconnected setup that streamlines both hood and oven installations. It also guarantees hood activation whenever the ovens are in operation.

Automatic Safety Temperature Sensor

Enhancing safety measures, a ceiling-mounted temperature sensor in the hood capture box detects oven activation and promptly initiates the exhaust fan. This system effectively thwarts any unintended or deliberate oven usage when the hood is inactive, guaranteeing safe oven operation by ensuring the hood's activation.

Reduced Oven End Loss

When compared with other conveyor oven manufacturers, the EDGE oven range efficiently recirculates a significantly greater proportion of air within the oven chamber. This retains heat and minimizes heat loss at the oven's end. When coupled with our hood skirting system, heat and exhaust escape is virtually eliminated.

'Tab & Slot' Assembly

Our innovative ‘tab and slot’ assembly ensures that the hood and belt skirts can be effortlessly removed and reassembled as needed. No need to struggle with heavy or large components - our streamlined design allows for easy handling and hassle-free maintenance. 

Unimpeded Belt Visibility & Access

The EDGE skirting captures oven exhaust efficiently while enabling operators to maintain a clear line of sight of the oven belt. Loading and unloading processes remain unimpeded, optimizing productivity and minimizing operational disruptions. 

Sleek Stainless Steel Construction

Unlike competing conveyor oven hood manufacturers, the EDGE close capture hood system is crafted exclusively from high-quality, heat-resistant stainless steel. The sleek profile of the EDGE Close Capture Hood enhances the visual attractiveness of any environment.

Lowest Exhaust Rates Available

The innovative EDGE close capture hood requires fewer CFMs to effectively capture, contain, and extract grease-laden vapors, surpassing rival conveyor oven manufacturers’ hood systems by up to 40% in efficiency.

Single Phase Exhaust Fan

You won't require costly VFDs. The EDGE close capture hood is engineered to seamlessly sync and communicate with the renowned Captive Aire DU85HFA upblast exhaust fan, ensuring straightforward installation and minimizing the need for complex and costly components.

Make Up Air, HVAC and Fire System Control

Experience enhanced control with both our single and multiple-speed hood control systems. These systems not only excel at regulating hood functions but also offer the power to manage HVAC dampers, make-up air switching and fan speed control. Our systems can also seamlessly integrate with fire systems for responsive fan control.

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