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The EDGE Ovens document library houses a comprehensive assortment of support materials. Our searchable database includes technical manuals, specifications, wiring diagrams and parts lists. Whatever information you're looking for, you can find it quickly and easily.

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If you're thinking about buying an EDGE Oven or just want to talk to an expert, our online locator tool is the perfect starting point. We have access to almost 50 authorized distributors worldwide, all of whom are ready to be your one-stop-shop for your international sales and service needs.

Locate your nearest authorized EDGE Oven installer or service provider with the help of our service provider search tool. If your oven is under warranty please be sure to log your claim with our technical team so we can organize a technician and arrange dispatch of any parts that may be required.

Our comprehensive how-to video library has catalogue of simple to follow videos demonstrating cleaning procedures, general maintenance, oven delivery and installation, oven operation and basic service and part replacement.

One of our strengths at EDGE ovens is our exceptional warranty. We stand behind every oven we manufacture & with our online warranty registration tool, you can quickly and easily register a new oven serial number and initiate your oven warranty.

Our simple to use upload tool will help you send your oven log file to our technical team, initiate your warranty call and if you need it, a short how-to-video is also available demonstrating how to download your oven log file from your oven.

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At EDGE Ovens, we are committed optimizing both our ovens and the accompanying software to achieve the highest level of excellence. Explore our Software Updates section to guarantee that you possess the latest version, complete with an easy-to-follow video demonstrating the process of updating your oven.

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