iHeat Technology

Intelligent High Efficiency Appliance Technology

  • Most efficient system
  • Best baking
  • Consistent and precise temperatures

I-HEAT™ is a highly efficient intelligent burner system, using a modulating gas and air management system. The system is comprised of multiple components all being controlled by the I-HEAT™ control module. The software in the control module is custom tailored for each EDGE oven model, giving you the cleanest most efficient burner available.

The I-HEAT™ intelligent burner is different than any other burner available in the pizza oven industry. Unlike the burners in other pizza ovens, the I-HEAT™ burner in EDGE ovens regulates both gas flow and combustion air to the burner providing you the most complete burn available. You can think of it like fuel injection compared to a carburetor, when you precisely control gas and air flow you get better fuel economy.

The I-HEAT™ system is so repeatable and predictable that we can confidently state the cost of operation for all of our oven models and that is a DIFFERENCE you can take to the BANK! 

Only Edge Conveyor Ovens combine the unique finger design and best fan configurations with the I-HEAT system. 

The EDGE oven temperature will always remain within one degree of the desired baking temperature. One pizza or 20 at a time, EDGE produces the most consistent bake for your money. At the end of the day, the system uses less gas than any other system on the market to save you operating costs.



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