All Edge Pizza Ovens are, by code, required to be under a hood for proper ventilation of dangerous fumes and removal of excess heat. Many oven manufactures have ovens that blast the heat so much that excessive amounts of heat are forced out the ends of the ovens. Very simply these ovens are poorly designed and use so much excessive air to try and bake faster rather than design better ovens. 

The Edge Oven is designed to move enough air to thoroughly bake food products without excessive end loss. Some companies have designed hoods that are specific to their ovens to solve the excessive heat loss. Rather than solve the heat loss they require the added expense of a custom hood to remove the heat. Any Edge Oven can be effectively ventilated with a wide variety of hoods at very low CFMs, saving you thousands of dollars in original purchase cost and operating costs. 

At Edge we have designed the main fan, air fingers, return air and accessories to first bake great and second to not cause excessive air to escape from the ovens. This allows you to use any type of hood you want to ventilate the oven. Connected cap hoods, canopy hoods, exhaust only cap hoods, short circuit hoods and island style hoods can all be used to exhaust over an Edge Oven. 

There are several advantages to using a non-appliance specific hood. You can add ovens later, you can add other equipment under the same hood, if you want to change ovens later you can easily do this, and they are very easy to clean in place. Appliance specific hoods can be very expensive and come with many complicated parts. Parts get lost, not put on in the proper place, and are difficult to clean. At Edge we can help you decide the best ventilation options for your operation, just give us a call and we would be happy to help you decide what is best for you.


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